Yogurt Drink

Light, tart and refreshing on the palate, yobick Original Yogurt Drink tastes even better when chilled.

Yogurt Drink

The soft floral taste of Japan's iconic flower with a springy tartness, yobick Sakura Yogurt Drink celebrates spring with every sip.

Yogurt Drink

For the health conscious who look for lesser sugar options, yobick Lite+ Yogurt Drink is the best choice. Lighter in taste and refreshingly tangy, every mouthful is fun and invigorating.

Yogurt Drink

Zesty, fruity and tropical in every gulp, yobick Pineapple Yogurt Drink tart flavour remains a favourite in the most refreshing way.

Great for you! Great for your lifestyle!

Make life simpler and healthier with yobick Yogurt Drinks.
Caring for you and your wellbeing with nutritious ingredients and internationally recognised good manufacturing practices.

yobick contains Oligosaccharides

Oligosaccharides is the healthy nutrition for the friendly bacteria in your gut. You’ll love it more when you know good gut health:

  • – Improves your immune system and overall health
  • – Key to better skin, nails and hair
  • – Reduces total cholesterol levels

Caring for you with happy prebiotics

Yummy taste…
made just for you

yobick Yogurt Drinks uses only good ingredients for a better and healthier lifestyle. Now, you can focus on your life and your work happier.

Your choice for deliciously healthy yogurt drink

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