Vitamin C Lemon
Sparkling Drink

Serving you an equivalent Vitamin C of 18 lemons, this reviving sparkling drink is the classic drink that everyone loves.

Available in 325ml pack size.

Vitamin C Orange Sparkling Drink

So citrusy and just lovely, the Vitamin C Orange sparkling drink has the equivalent vitamin C of 19 oranges packed in a can!

Available in 325ml pack size.

Sparkle and shine with vida!

Formulated using advanced Japanese R&D and expertise, vida Vitamin C contains essential 1000mg antioxidant in every can. It is recognised as a healthier choice by Ministry of Health in Malaysia.

Quench your thirst, build your immune system!

Fortified with 1000mg of Vitamin C, this sparkling drink is the better choice every time.

The goodness of Vitamin C in every sip, every gulp

Vitamin C 1000mg is the recommended consumption.

Pick up. Drink. Be Healthy.
With vida C sparkling drinks!

Getting your recommended daily dose of Vitamin C is never easier. Life is more fun with vida Vitamin C sparkling drink.

A sparklier life with
the fun and healthy
vida Vitamin C sparkling drinks

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