Clear Cider
Sparkling Drink

Lemony and limey, vida Clear Cider
is a spritely drink with double citrus punches.
Tangy and tarty freshness in a can!

Clear Lemon
Sparkling Drink

Punchy and zesty,
vida Clear Lemon is just bubbly
and cheerful. Like citrus sunshine on
your tongue.

Minty Lime
Sparkling Drink

A classic Wastern thirst-quencher
that combines tropical citrus
and fresh mint, vida Minty Lime's
unique taste has a nice,
lingering coolness to it.

Clear Honey
Sparkling Drink

A delicious smell of honey nectar
oozing out of vida Clear Honey…
it uniquely combines warm tones
and cool taste. Just a delicious drink
that perks you up in no time!

Aaahhh! Love that light, refreshing taste!

Vida Sparkling Drinks has 3 times less sugar!

Formulated with good Japanese R&D, vibes and values, vida is definitely the better choice. The drinks are made using internationally recognised good manufacturing practices and they have less sugar, zero colouring and no preservatives.

Craving for that fizz but worried about sugar and colour content? Not with Vida Sparkling Drinks!

More reasons you'd loooveee vida

Have no worries and just chill with vida Sparking Drink. Cruise through everything you do with this thirst-quencher in hand. And you’ll find that life just sparkles!

Anytime, Anywhere!
vida sparkles with you!

vida Recipes

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