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Salty Lychee
Sparkling Drink

The delicate classic taste of lychee with the unexpected twist of mild saltiness makes this drink a treat. So interesting, so invigorating!

Available in 325ml pack size.
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Original Citrus
Sparkling Drink

Lemony and limey, vida original Citrus is a spritely drink with double citrus punches. Tangy and tarty freshness in a can!

Available in 325ml pack size.
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Sparkling Drink

Punchy and zesty, vida Lemon is just bubbly and cheerful. Like citrus sunshine on your tongue.

Available in 325ml pack size.
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Minty Lime
Sparkling Drink

A classic Western thirst-quencher that combines tropical citrus and fresh mint, vida Minty Lime's unique taste has a nice, lingering coolness to it.

Available in 325ml pack size.

Sparkle and shine with vida!

Formulated using advanced Japanese R&D and expertise, vida has already been awarded the title of Healthier Choice Malaysia 

Stay refreshed, stay hydrated!

Quenches thirst

Sparkling & Refreshing

Retains hydration in body

So many sexy zeros for a happier you!

Good, happy vibes in a can! Anytime! Anywhere!

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