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Plain Yogurt

Smooth, deliciously tart with a thicker
consistency, BeFine Plain Yogurt Drink
just appeals to the palate.

Available in 200g and 600g pack size.

Passion Fruit
Yogurt Drink

The exotic, tropical scent and taste of
BeFine Passion Fruit makes drinking it
so satisfying. Just a little extra tart
for that kick of passion fruit goodness.

Available in 200g and 600g pack size.

Kiwi & Avocado
Yogurt Drink

A fresh, milkier combination that makes a
great combo, BeFine Kiwi & Avacado
Yogurt Drink is a delicious hit to the taste buds.

Available in 200g and 600g pack size.

Yogurt Drink

A flavour just little more uncommon
yet delicious highlights the refreshingly
tart BeFine Mulberry Yogurt Drink that
delights the senses.

Available in 200g and 600g pack size.

Yogurt Drink

An all-round favourite flavour for many,
BeFine Strawberry Yogurt Drink hits
all the right notes - tangy, yummy
and invigorating.

Available in 200g and 600g pack size.

Plain Yogurt

The light and clean BeFine Plain Yogurt
just appeals to the senses as you take
spoonful after spoonful of the less
sweet fermented milky goodness…
it's a treat!



Made under the strict guidelines of internationally recognise good manufacturing practices, BeFine yogurt and yogurt drinks are the only yogurt in Malaysia that uses Japan’s leading clinically proven Bifidobacterium, specifically Bifidobacterium Longum BB536.

**Supported with more than 100 scientific literatures

Bifidobacterium is the most important protection for us since infant – the earliest probiotics born in our body

The intestinal microbiota is kept in balance by the competition and interaction between beneficial, harmful, and neutral bacteria

A deeper look at Bifidobacterium clinically-proven capabilities

1. Yaeshima T. et al, Bioscience Microflora, 1997 2. Namba K. et al, Biosci Biotechnol Biochem, 2010 3.
Xiao JZ. et al, Clin Exp Allergy, 2006 4. Yonezawa S. et al, Clinically Allergy, 2014

Maintaining quality, taste and good values, BeFine Yogurt Drinks are made using Japanese R&D. Zero fat, zero cholestrol and loaded with a whole bunch of maximum benefits for you, your gut and your health.

Low in fat and no added sugar, BeFine Yogurt is made light and airy, yet packed with goodness. The perfect company for a healthy lunch!

BeFine yogurt and yogurt drinks are not only made with no preservatives and no colouring, they are also made under the strict guidelines of internationally recognised good manufacturing practices.

Healthy yogurt and yogurt drink for everyone

BeFine Recipes

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