Armouring and enhancing the health of your stomach with top-quality probiotic is the most important thing you can do and it begins with Bifidobacterium…

A deeper look at Bifidobacterium clinically-proven capabilities

Delicious and power-packed with goodness

BeFine Yogurt Drink

Maintaining quality, taste and good values, BeFine Yogurt Drinks are made using Japanese R&D. Zero fat, zero cholestrol and loaded with a whole bunch of maximum benefits for you, your gut and your health.

BeFine Yogurt Cup

Low in fat and no added sugar, BeFine Yogurt is made light and airy, yet packed with goodness. The perfect company for a healthy lunch!

Not all yogurt and yogurt drinks are made equal…

BeFine yogurt and yogurt drinks are not only made with no preservatives and no colouring, they are also made under the strict guidelines of internationally recognised good manufacturing practices.

For a fun and healthy lifestyle all day, every day.

Doctors’ Reviews

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