DyDo's Commitment

DyDo has made a promise to its customers to provide a good range of products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle everyday. And it has been gratifying to know that consumers can taste the difference in each and every DyDo’s drink!


Our mission is to provide drinks that are of high quality & great value


Our principles are guided by Japan’s DyDo Group of Companies.

Our corporate culture is rooted in “integrity, honesty, flexibility’.

DyDo Group Japan

DyDo Group began as a one-man business in the 1940s.

DyDo savvily identified new segments and new business with energy drinks and canned coffee. A far-sighted venture in vending machines became a turning point as its popularity exploded across Japan.

DyDo is one of the top 3 beverage vending machine players in the world and one of Japan’s leading non-alcoholic beverages companies.

It has been listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2001.

Japanese R&D

With a strong and active R&D team, more product offering are introduced, providing consumers with variety and great choices.


DyDo Around The Globe

DyDo beverages are enjoyed all over the world.

DyDo Malaysia, Turkey, Russia and China have created a strong consumer base in their respective countries & beyond.

DyDo Malaysia

DyDo Malaysia is the hub of South East Asia.

The beverages are exported to a number of countries such as Singapore, Brunei, South Korea, HongKong, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmmar.

We love nothing better than making our fellow Malaysians happy!

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